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The frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives
Are you in need of a quick csp fix? Here you will find all our ready made, ready to ship incontinence pads. 

AQUAMOONS (incontinence Pads) Crimson Moon IC Pads are made using the most absorbent fabrics available to date. They are 100% waterproofed yet still breathable, anti-bacterial and anti odour. 
When deciding what incontinence pads you need please take into account flow and length of the IC pad. 
-For very Slight incontinence, sneeze and giggle leaks we recommend a regular flow in 8"-10" 
-For dribbles and not quite getting to the loo in time we recommend a heavy flow in 10" - 13" inch
-For more considerable incontinence we recommend a super flow in 12" and above and highly recommend 15" -18" pads for severe and full bladder loss.

Please be aware that the longer the pad the more core fabric we can get into a pad thus making it more absorbent as it will be capable of holding and containing a higher volume capacity.